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From scratch

Installation from scratch is easy, but requires some additional steps. Unfortunately, native Go packaging systems not allows to include external resources into libraries, like templates, styles, etc.

Installing UI Kit as git submodule is the easiest way for now, without any difficulties on keeping dependency up-to-date.

  • Add repo as git submodule to your app: git submodule add uikit
  • (twui only) Add replace directive to your go.mod file: => ./uikit/twui
  • (twui only) Add twui path to tailwind config file for JIT mode

Go package + templates

With this method you will install UI Kit as a regular library, but you'll need to manually copy all templates into your templates directory. Also, with this approach it's harder to keep sources up-to-date.

<kit> - component library you want to use

  • Install Go package into your project with go get<kit>
  • Manually copy all <kit>/*.html files to your templates directory
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